Boost Your Body: Learn How to Look Thicker

Boost your body
Boost your body

Generally, many girls cherish having slim or skinny figures. They spend money, time and energy to look like their favourite role models. But thick girls are also refusing to be put down the pecking order. A lot of confidence is being exuded with being thick, while more prominent celebrities like Ashanti and Nicki Minaj are giving girls body goals, something to jealous about, and are never shy to showcase or flunt their curve, it still remains a mystery to millions of skinny and slim girls who desire to look like them.

Therefore if how to look thick and curvy is your preoccupation, you can find below, basic tips that would help you to look thick and curvy, while giving you the morale boosting confidence you need to function confidently during summers, in your beach wears and wowing everyone around.

Healthy Eating

Increasing your meal portion would definitely lead to increase in weight. Although some people gain weight easily while others take more time, but most certainly, in due course of time, the weight gain process would become real.

Eating healthy

Food is the basis for weight gain, or in other words, weight gain is directly proportional to the amount of food consumed. Weight gain is a function of food. The food consumed defines body curve and muscles.

Therefore healthy eating is pertinent to this course. Eating otherwise (junks and processed foods) can mar the  experience you are try to have by helping you pack or accumulate fats which is detrimental to your overall health (high cholesterol and high blood pressure).

This begs the question if you are looking to gain weight. How would you like to gain weight? Do you want to gain healthy weight, become curvy and look thick? Or do you wish to get fat and look plumpy?

To answer these questions, developing fats in the body is unhealthy, and it leads to atherosclerosis and other numerous complications, it is thus recommended that you eat healthy meals, like protein rich foods such as eggs, chicken, soybean and high calorie diary product like milk etc., to help you get curvy rather than fat.

Overall, you may wish to consult a nutritionist (to help map out a meal plan) and discuss your weight goals.

Do not also substitute white carbohydrates and starch like potato, rice, yam, white bread etc., for protein, as they have been discovered to contribute to weight gain since they contain enough calories

Trans and saturated fats should be avoided by all means.

It is basically more difficult to lose weight than it is to gain weight, but for people who are generally skinny, it is more difficult for them to gain weight, because they have a metabolism rate that is high. Their system burns up and use up food consumed, even before they are stored.

The knowledge of healthy food combination is key to a successful healthy weight gain and curvy   experience.  Regular intake of healthy food, will help actualize this ambitions.

The recommended calories for healthy weight gain is about 500 to 1000 calories per day while it is also recommended that 6 to 7 meals per day is also needed.

This is so because you don’t want to get to the point where you will be feeling hungry before eating (metabolism balance) which implies that your body has broken down stored energy and food. That would support weight loss rather than weight gain.

The recommended number of meals per day, would also aid to increase your regular portion of food intake.

Once you start eating regular healthy meals, your body will quickly adjust to it, and it will help refuel your body, even before your body cells begin metabolism. This implies that you are taking in more calories, than you are burning. The net result is weight gain.

Strength Training

Strength training work outs helps in toning the muscles of the body and helps to make them firmer. Therefore, it is highly likely for you to get the desired curve when you engage in this activities. Combining this with some regular cardio like swimming and running would help to trim fats all over the body, thus eliminating them in areas where they are unwanted (like the abs), thus helping to enhance your shape and leaving you with a curvy appearance.

In as much as people who are not skinny can do cardio, people who are skinny are advised to avoid prolonged cardio, but should rather focus on building muscles by doing weight training, and squats.

For weight training, you can start with small weights of about 2 kg, and then proceed to 3 kg, 4 kg and from 4 kg you can proceed to 5 kg, 6 kg etc.

You can also begin gradually with 5 reps, then proceed to 6, 7 and 8 reps till you are satisfied with the results you are getting. It is necessary that you observe your body changes while this is on-going, to enable you know when to slow down or go on a hiatus, in case you are trying not to look like a hulk.

Know when to stop, know your limit.

Core Routines

Constant core work outs helps to eliminate fats from the stomach region, thereby giving you a flat stomach and a curvy appearance. Core includes a group of muscles that are in the following areas; the back- which extends to the trunk. It helps in standing up straight when you bend (erector spinae); the six pack muscle (rectus abdominis); the oblique and the multifidus– the back muscles which supports the spine. These exercises include plank, dead bug, boat, ball push away and hanging knee raise.

Glutes Building

Glutes are a group of muscles found in the butts. Exercises that target the glutes give you stamina and support, helps to define your body shape. Simple glute exercises involve squatting which increases the muscle mass around the region, ultimately, defining the curves you desire.

For effective squats, stand straight with your feet slightly apart by 30 to 40 cm. You should tuck in stomach, while also keeping your back straight and your gaze, straight at a plane perpendicular to your body (90o). Then gently lower yourself, in that position, as if you were to sit, with your knees slightly bent and slightly protruding beyond your toes. Go as low as comfortable for you, while resting your body weight on your heels.

When coming up again, with the strength for thrust emanating from your hips and feet, push yourself up in the same path you followed when going down while trying as much as possible to keep your back straight, your gaze straight, and your butts tight.


Rest is equally important when trying to gain weight. Too much exercise without rest would not allow your body to recover and rebuild your muscles. You will equally get tired and not feel like getting up to exercise the next time you schedule thus jeopardizing your curvy appearance in the long term.