Allan Ngetich

Allan Ngetich is a medical practitioner, author, editor and web developer. He has co-authored several books in the health and wellness niche. He has also worked with several companies in various capacities. He is wildly passionate about debunking medical-related myths that have flooded the internet.

Heat Exhaustion Symptoms

Heat Exhaustion Symptoms – Recognizing and Responding to Overheating

Recognizing the heat exhaustion symptoms is crucial for timely intervention and preventing more serious heat-related illnesses. As body temperature rises, swift action can reverse the effects before they escalate into a life-threatening emergency. What are Heat-Related Illnesses? Heat-related illnesses are medical conditions that result from the body’s inability to cope with heat. They range from…

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Lil Wayne's Weight Gain

The Truth Behind Lil Wayne’s Weight Gain

With the hip-hop star’s physique often being a topic of conversation, recent rumors and discussions have centered around Lil Wayne’s apparent weight gain. Despite being in his 40s, the “Lollipop rapper” has managed to maintain an attractive physique, a testament to his dedication to staying in shape. However, netizens have noticed slight changes in his…

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