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Unlocking the Secret to Weight Gain: How Apetamin Works

Apetamin works

All the girls above  gained weight within 2 weeks of using this syrup. It truly works and millions of people are already using it to gain healthy weight. My only regret was not using it earlier than now. If you are having problem putting on some pounds then you must try it.

The struggle to gain healthy weight is REAL! You hear all the time about weight loss journeys and weight loss this or weight loss that. But the conversation of weight gain is rarely spoken about in a positive light.

To help spark your appetite and get the ball rolling try Apetamin. Apetamin is a supplement (that comes in syrups) that can be used to increase appetite and gain weight. (As a precaution, you should speak with your primary care provider before taking Apetamin!)

One bottle of Apetamin lasts about one week if you’re taking the recommended three times a day dosage. Take Apetamin ONCE a day, 30 minutes before eating. Apetamin causes severe sleepiness or drowsiness (usually within the first few days). so if you have a 9-5 job then its best you take it at night or whenever you know you are not working.

Possible Side-Effects of Apetamin


tired feeling

sleep problems (insomnia)


spinning sensation

blurred vision

loss of coordination

upset stomach

weight gain




numbness or tingly feeling

increased sweating or urination

thickening of mucus in the nose/throat, or

dry mouth/throat/nose.

Tell your doctor if you have serious side effects including:

mental/mood changes (such as restlessness, confusion, hallucinations)

shaking (tremor)

difficulty urinating, or

fast/irregular heartbeat.

Out of that very extensive list of side-effects, here’s what I experienced:


tired feeling

weight gain

Clearly, the pros outweighed the cons in any situation. Most people gained a total of 16 pounds since starting Apetamin. However, the BEST part is that most people took Apetamin for 2 weeks before noticing a significant amount of weight gain
If you’re going to purchase and try Apetamin, keep in mind that you will gain weight EVERYWHERE, not just where you want it to go! Most of the people say it settled into their butt, hips, thighs, and stomach. Even their face got a bit fuller! If you’re going to take Apetamin you need to work out and eat healthy as well!

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