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The Truth About Apetamin

Apetamin is widely used globally by a lot of girls to increase their weight and change their body structure.  The truth about Apetamin is that is works but alot of questions are still lingering about the magic syrup.  So we put together a few list to answer some of the most asked questions about Apetamin.  Down below is the truth about apetamin.

Is Apetamin for guys?

is apetamin for guys

Yes Apetamin is good for you, if you are looking to gain weight fast with apetamin. It is also your best bet if you are looking to build mass for athletic body building and weight training. This is due to the fact that Apetamin contains amino acid (lysin) which is responsible for that. Apetamin is not gender sensitive. Inaddition, it is also good for children.

How long can I take Apetamin?

Basically, one 200ml bottle should last for about a week and that should be enough to see all the adjustments and changes your body would make and how it would react to the supplement. Upon satisfaction with the results being seen by the first week of usage, you can order  more bottles to help you achieve your goal weight or desired weight.

Does Apetamin slow metabolism down?

It might not directly and completely slow it down, but rather it allows ample time for muscle and fat build up by eating and exercising right

Does apetamin affect size of breast?

Yes it affects the size of your brest. Apetamin increase breasts size in addition to butts, hips and thighs and this is due to the fact that breast consist of breast and fat tissues, and when weight is gained, the entire body is affected. Basically, in a bid to have a great body, regular body toning exercises and good eating habits should be adopted. 

Syrup vs Pills

The two forms perform the same overall function of helping to gain weight faster, and since the liquid form of the syrup has a larger surface area, it works better and faster as liquid is absorbed quickly than solid. This can be explained by the fact that first, solid pills would require more time to dissolve, before it is later absorbed into the blood system of the body.

Is it safe for pregnant women?

Generally, Apetamin can be taken by women during pregnancy, but you should consult with your doctor first before taking apetamin.

What is the colour of Apetamin and how does it taste like?

Apetamin syrup, an orange coloured liquid, comes in an orange pack. There is no evidence supporting the theory that apetamin comes in other packs as well. So if you purchase the product in other packs than the one specified here, kindly not consume as you most certainly might be using adultrated products. The taste of Apetamin is not bad. It tastes like Nature’s way Umcka or Coferb cough syrup

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